Essential Opportunities for the African Entertainment

The arrival of the American giant Netflix in September 2014 was accompanied by a powerful spotlight on video on demand with subscription. The arrival in Africa of the American giant has not failed to spur competition and give birth to new projects in the same sector. Demand Africa now streaming offers you an update on online video in its different forms.

Download, torrent and streaming, what differences?

Internet users have not waited for Netflix or other video-on-demand platforms to watch movies and TV shows from the Internet. The downloading and streaming of videos goes back several years.

It will be question here only of legal downloading. The illegal one may be a reality, it is a personal approach involving only the responsibility of everyone with risks generally known to the user.

Download: The major difference between downloading and streaming the same video is that the first is to recover the entire video and store it on the hard drive.

Streaming:  Streaming is based on the broadcast of a video stream by one or more computer servers to a computer, a mobile or a TV. The benefits of streaming are many such as near-instant availability of video, free storage capacity, and the ability to view video from any location with a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The BitTorrent protocol:The goal of the Torrent principle is to decrease the download time and allow simultaneous access. To summarize, it is a question of cutting the downloaded file in several segments. These segments (packets) are present on several servers, which allows the user to simultaneously download the different packets of the same video file. The segments are then reassembled by the dedicated software to reconstruct the original file. The risk of infection is not to be overlooked, a virus can easily hide in the downloaded file and spread to other computers connected to the network.

From 2018, VOD platforms based outside France such as Netflix or Amazon will have to contribute financially to French film production while they have so far escaped this obligation. This directive of European origin will require foreign platforms to devote 15% of the turnover made in France to the production of European films or series. 12% will have to be invested in French creations.

Video on demand: not everything and especially not immediately

Download or video on demand, certain rules are imposed in France concerning the provision of cinema films by the CSA . This schedule defines the delay of diffusion according to the modes of exploitation.

The deadline runs from the theatrical release:

  • 4 months: DVD, Blu-Ray or video on demand pay per unit
  • 10 months: 1 st exclusive broadcast on a pay channel
  • 22 months: 2 nd exclusive broadcast on a Pay TV channel
  • 22 months: Unencrypted broadcast on channels that have signed co-production commitments of a minimum of 3.2% of the channel’s turnover
  • 30 months: Free broadcast without co-production commitment
  • 36 months: Video on demand with subscription
  • 48 months: Free video streaming for the consumer

For subscription video platforms, these constraints are inappropriate and incite the piracy of recent movies.

Here Is A Significance Of Electrical Service To All People

Everyone is using electric power, from charging batteries to general requirement. Mobile phones, and laptops and tablets are charged with electric power. Once all these products are charged it could be used for eight hours. When the power supply is not there in a home, it is hard for them to do communications with their friends and for important issues. Naturally, good electrician Singapore is called to do the repair service. Electrician is studying one or two years complete course and he gets grade for his studies. Only after obtaining a grade, he could do the service to public. In this connection, in case, the switch is in problem, or any short circuit problem, he does the repair and takes money. At the same time, people are interested to hire experienced electrician Singapore on the contract basis.


Entire apartment people are paying collective payment, to the secretary of the apartments. The secretary only pays for the electrical service, and he is only fixing the electrician in contract period of one year or more. Normally one to five years contract is arranged for the electrical service for the residence of the flat, apartments. Independent homes are hiring, good electrical services and paying after completion of the work done by him. Of course, independent house owners are buying some important needs in electric products, once they face any problem, they try to do the repairs with video guidelines, but this would not be helping hundred percent success to the independent house owners, so for final checking the electrician is invited to check the job, and paying some nominal amount, while checking electrician replaces some important products, and collecting his charge.


The electric posts are connected with the high grade transformers. These transformers are having many parts inside, especially big fuse boards are connected all the connections are saved in the fuse board. The good electrician is normally checking only the transformer before checking the problematic area. Once he corrects the transformers, all homes would be able to get power, he is changing big electrical products in the transformers, and he is collecting money for the same from home secretaries. Of course in present days, high quality transformers are manufactured. Especially for industries the industry is installing only quality transformer for not to face any electrical problem once for all. This is the reason all industries are able to produce their work with the help of the electrical service.

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