Ditch the Plunger with these Handy Toilet Unclogging Tricks

Leave it to my boyfriend to need a handy dandy plunger wherever he goes. When he goes to the bathroom, it’s a big ordeal. It will not take less than 15 minutes, and there’s a 90% that the toilet will get clogged afterwards. This is due to his irregular (I think it’s irregular, he believe they’re totally regular) bowel movements that allow him to go every three days. When we went to Costa Rica together a few months back, we visited three distinct cities. In each of those distinct cities, he managed to clog the toilet up. It can be frustrating, especially when there’s only one bathroom for the two of you and he doesn’t let you enter it for the sheer embarrassment of what he’s done. So instead o having to carry around his own personal plunger or fronting the heat of asking the hotel concierge to send someone up to “fix this toilet problem”, or letting your Handy cleaner in on the issue, there are a few things that can be done to resolve this monstrous situation that he faces every few days (when he doesn’t go in the industrial work bathrooms).

Number one: Pour in some hot water into the toilet bowl. What you want to do is find a bucket and make sure the sink water runs for a little bit before dumping it into the toilet. The heat of the water should work to break up the brown consistency that you so desperately want to flush down without a problem.

Another suggestion is using dish soap (or shampoo), the fluorescent blue or green kind that you often use to gab away at your dirty plate residue, to break down the solids. You can complement this step with step number one by adding in some boiling hot water. If it doesn’t happen in about thirty minutes, then you may need to leave it overnight so that it can do it’s duty (don’t mind the pun).

Another method to break down the solids is to use a wire hanger as a snake to get in on the muddy and break up the stuff that won’t go down. Epson salts and a bath bomb is another way you can get the crap rolling if you’re too embarrassed to let the guest you’re with know that you have a little issue to deal with.

If none of that is available, but there’s still the handy toilet brush standing upright besides the toilet, then you’re got to use what you have. Use it with confidence by pushing it deeply into the toilet hole a few times and then removing it to flush the toilet once more. Yes, it’s not ideal as you’ll likely need to give that brush a swish clean afterwards but it’s much more worth it than having to explain why the toilet has overflown.

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